A Lightening McQueen party for my little man

My son is 3 years old today and we had his birthday party earlier this month so my parents could make it as they would be out of the country by the time his birthday came around. His first two birthdays weren’t so great, and WHO can expect it to GO great when he was so young…  he practically napped through his first birthday and his second birthday he didn’t know what was going on.

At age 1 and 2, the parties are more for the adults than the kids, but this time around for his 3rd birthday it was all about the kiddies and it turned out great. The main reason it turned out great is because the party was themed around his favorite thing in the world which is the Disney movie Cars. I ended up going with Lightening McQueen for everything. I made the pennant banner, the cupcake toppers, a matching mini pennant banner which incorporated the 2″ party circles. The balloons were ordered from Party Packagers to match the colour theme of: red, black and white.

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And FINALLY the cake which I literally slaved over, my mom is witness to that. I thought colouring fondant would be easy peasy, I had the white fondant and colouring, all I had to do was add the colour and knead right? Wrong! So my blacks came out grey, and my reds came out pink. No wonder baby shower cakes come out perfect. The more colouring I added, the more sticky the fondant became, so I would add icing sugar and knead again. I ended up calling a friend and she suggested that I ‘paint’ on the colouring. Thank god that worked! I watered down the colouring a tad and painted the shapes that I cut out. They took a while to dry… at that point the fondant was a bit hard, so i dabbed water on the back of the pieces to get them moist and then applied them to the fondant covered cake. The stars came out perfect with just the coloured fondant alone. The toppers were purchased from Party Packagers.

All the children wore their ‘Cars’ clothing and my son wore his Lightening McQueen Halloween costume, which was just a jumpsuit and a matching hat.

Too cute!! now what will his interests be next year? I hope it is still Cars, because he was spoiled rotten with their toys this year!

Etsy shop update: Lighting McQueen inspired theme available in the shop!

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