Almost there… but first a neat free printable!


So this website is up as you can see. Still working on my first few party themes for launch. I also have a Christmas Free Printable in the works so I hope to have this all up by the end of this week 🙂

BUT FIRST, do you remember those paper toys that you would fold up, put numbers on the flaps then write a message under each flap so that when you played by choosing numbers you would end up with a ‘message’? well those things were called ‘Cootie Catchers’. I never knew what they were called until now. Check out this neat Free Printable idea by Zaka Life.

Now how fun is that? A neat idea by applying a holiday theme to this nostalgic game. Do kids even play this these days? I’m sure if they got their hands on one it might keep them entertained for quite a while. You can download the free printable at Zakka Life. Thanks to them for a wonderful DIY project!

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