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So I had quite the experience last week. On Wednesday I as asked to help out last minute with decorations by my MIL that would be used for a main table and the backdrop for a wedding ceremony that going to be happening that Saturday. Really not much time left. We didn’t have much details to go on since this was a very very small event being held in a room of a local church, so no fancy pansy banquet hall.There was no theme, very low budget and the grooms mother (who was hosting the ceremony) had already bought some items for decorating. There was also a change of colours about half way through.

With what details I was given (haven’t seen the room), I set off to my friend ‘Pinterest’ and started researching some decor ideas that were easy DIY solutions. I found this pin which I ADORED and thought it would make a nice backdrop on a smaller scale.I also found a tutorial on making a rosette ball from crepe paper ribbon and was sold. As far as we knew the main colour of the theme was blue.

I basically dropped what I should have been doing for the next 3 days and was at the dollar store (remember “budget”) with my MIL when I got the chance. Wednesday we grabbed some tissue paper in 3 shades of blue and white as well as matching steamers. I have these two large pillars which were used at my own reception (my amazing dad made them), and figured we could use them. The plan was to decorate them with ribbon, spiraled up from the bottom with some other accent thing we found at the dollar store. At the top I would put a HUGE rosette ball. Now naive as I am, thought that would be easy so we left that for Thursday Not only did the largest sized foam balls cost like 30$ each but I’d have to make a butt load of rosettes to cover the thing. My solution – and call me MacGyver – I used the children’s plastic bouncy balls as my base and they cost $1 each! thank you dollar store. At this point my only issue was how would I hot glue the rosettes to the ball? solved! wrap the ugly yellow and green spheres in white crepe paper ribbon. Tthat was so awesome and worked! Now the task of making the rosettes to stick to it.. which I left for later.

First off I did the 3 large pom poms, one in each shade of blue. I used a tutorial from the  Martha Stewart Website. So awesome and easy. We ended up buying her paper lantern kit with a Michaels coupon, score! These I can used for other time for sure.

Next, and for the life of me I tried to make the rosettes like in the tutorial, I even watched a video but could not get it. So the only rosette I could make is what you see here. Not bad right? and it worked out better as they covered more surface area. But I still need to make a lot for 2 balls. This was done all Friday night from until 2am, and I ran out of ribbon! The store opened at 10am the next morning of the ceremony. I was able to completely finish them by 12pm. The Ceremony was at 5pm.


Now we also did the main table setting which was just table cloth > center piece > banner .. simple. Thing is the flowers that were bought had no blue in it.. more like creme and fushia. Ummm okay so the colours now changed and everything was going so well. We did the best we could with the flowers bought for the center piece. I think it turned out nice. The banner was made to added in the new colour and a fat ribbon was pinned to line the edge of the table. (love the fire extinguisher? lol.)



We were done decorating at 3:30pm. And here is the end result.


I’m sure if I was given enough time I could have made it look less ghetto. I would have covered the entire wall in a more opaque colour including the fire extinguisher that I cut out of the picture, I would have changed the carpet and have given enough time been able to tie in the fushcia to the backdrop and some blue into the flower arrangement. But everyone absolutely LOVED it. Probably because they were expecting only balloons and scalloped streams with an array of mismatched flower arrangements. I was NOT going to let that happen and neither was my MIL. So we did the best we could with what we were given and what she bought. But let me tell you this was probably easy since there was really no ‘I want this’ and ‘I want that’. So hats off to you party and event planners.


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