Making a Crepe Paper Flower Ball on a Budget


I had the challenge a while ago of doing some decorations with my MIL for a small wedding ceremony which was to take place three days from the time I was asked. One vision I had was to use huge flower balls on top of pillars as part of the backdrop. So off my MIL and I went to look for supplies and since we were on a budget, where else did we go but the dollar store. ‘Dollarama’ is huge and amazing and they always have new and exciting stuff for $1 to $2 dollars.

We picked up crepe paper streamers and instead of spending $30 each on big Styrofoam balls at a craft store, I picked up 2 of those large bouncy balls (about 10″ big) at Dollarama for a buck each! Might I add that the balls were bright yellow with green suns on them, I wished I had taken a before picture. Now the challenge here was to figure out how to hot glue the paper rosettes to the ball with out melting the ball itself. The solution was to wrap the entire ball in a roll of white streamer paper. This would be the base to glue to. And the bonus here is that you can tear everything down after and reuse the ball since the ball itself won’t be ruined.

I made a whole whack of rosettes since I couldn’t for the life of me make a proper rounded rose like you see on all the trendy rose balls out there in internet land. But the result was still beautiful none the less. I got my rosette tutorial here.

Gluing them to the ball was the easy part. Now what I didn’t compensate for was the change in temperature, we all know that hot air will make things expand and that is what happened to the balls after sitting in the car for a bit, but once they were in the room at a normal temperature they went back to their original size.


So the total cost of the project was like $8 (I already had the glue gun and glue sticks). But the labour that went into it was white a few hours just to make the roses to cover the surfaces of the two spheres. What was nice is that they were big but very light in weight. Buy smaller bouncy balls to make smaller rosette balls for home decor.


  • 2 large 10″ bouncy balls from the dollar store
  • aprpox. 8 rolls of crepe paper streamers in blue (or other color) to make the rosettes
  • approx. 2 rolls of crepe paper streams in white (or other color) to wrap the balls in
  • hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks
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