Pinterest Picks Thursday – DIY Cupcake Liners


So I’m going to start something new here, every Thursday I’m going to post some of the best Pinterest find that I encountered during the week. Hopefully they will be pins that you find helpful and inspiring for your next party.. or it may even trigger a creative idea for something in your home for everyday use.

This week I have 5 wonderful pins on how to use cupcake liners (or wrappers) to make some wonderful things. Seriously who knew that you could do so much with inexpensive items such as cupcake liner! They aren’t just for cupcakes and muffins anymore that’s for sure.

1. Use decorative cupcake liners as make shift mason jar lids. Makes it easy to keep your drink in the jar by poking a hole through the top with a straw.
View the Pin | original source @ Brown Paper Packages

2. Dress up your straws with cupcake liners.. they kind of look like they are wearing tutus!
View the Pin | original source @ The Daily Mixer

3. Make a huge impression with a large birthday number as a backdrop using regular white cupcake liners and then spray paint.
View the Pin | original source @ Lowes Creative Ideas

4. A Gorgeous very full wreath using coloured cupcake wrappers. The patterned ribbon to hang it is a beautiful touch that completes the project.
View the Pin | original source @ My Creative Departure

5. Polish off the look of your next gift wrapping adventure with a unique topper made from coordinating cupcake liners.
View the Pin | original source @ Could not find the source, please email me with the link if you know where it’s from.

For other fab ideas on what you can do with cupcake liners visit my Pinterest Board.

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