How to make a pillow box

Don’t have any toilet paper rolls or not have enough? Making a Pillow Box from scratch is much easier than you think 🙂 Once you have this technique down you can make any sized pillow box you need.

For the purpose of this tutorial I will be using the striped toilet paper cover roll from my Free Valentine’s Day TP Roll Pillow Box kit.

You will need:

  • A cut out TP roll cover from my Free Valentine’s Day TP Roll Pillow Box kit, printed on thicker paper so it holds it’s shape.
  • a CD
  • something to score with. ie. bone folder or dull knife
  • scissors
  • glue or double sided tape
  • pencil

Measure in from the shorter length on the right about 1/4″, score the edge.


Fold in half from the left up to that score mark, fold and crease.


Fold in and crease the 1/4″ that you measured and scored earlier, and place inside the other fold. Now take the edge of the CD and line it up with the top and center of the paper, trace the edge of the CD. Do this for the other end and trim them so that you have two rounded sides.




Open up the paper and on the inside, bottom right rounded edge, take the CD and in the opposite direction line it up as shown below.



This time trace the edge of the CD by scoring it with your bone folder or dull knife. Do the same for the other 3 rounded edges. You should end up with an almond shape for each.


Seal it closed by gluing or taping the 1/4″ fold inside when the paper is folded in half.


Take what is now a flattened tube and squeeze to slightly open it so that you can bend in the rounded edges.


Because you scored the edges, the shape should take pretty easy and you will be left with a clean fold. Do the same for all the other edges.


Now you have a pillow box! This same technique can be used for other sized boxes as well. Great for small gifts and party favors!


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  1. Great tutorial! Thank you! Hope it works out for me.

    • whatiadore says

      thanks! I hope it helps out too. this is a great way to make a pillow box out of any paper too. Once you have the technique down you can make all kinds of sized boxes 🙂

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