An Afro Circus Party

My son turned 4 last November and at the time he was really into Transformers and the Madagascar 3 movie and while I was so going to make it a transformers theme he really wanted it to be Madagascar 3 or rather an Afro Circus theme. So I dug deep into the creative vault for this one and came up with a party printable theme that I used and which I also have up in my shop for purchase here.


The banner was actually just stuck to the wall with double sided tape instead of worrying about punching holes and hanging them all up. I just found it easier this way and I didn’t have to worry about the weight of it all coming down.




Now the fun part was what do with with a bunch of 4 years olds? I thought they would sit and watch the movie, which they did. But once all the popcorn was done they were more interested in playing with the toys. As long as they were occupied that was good, the movie was playing in the background and they were all having a good time. After the movie we had the cake and some snacks. I made the cake with buttercream icing this time instead of working with fondant which I did for his Lightening McQueen Birthday Party when he turned 3. It was a lot quicker for sure. The cake was marbled with colour on the inside. I had a local cake company print out a Madagascar image for me on edible rice paper which became the center of the cake and then I just iced around it. Everyone loved it and there was no cake left over.




It was now a good time to get them into the games while they were all wired up on the sugar! First we played Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Next up was Hot Potato where I had a toy wrapped in about 7 layers of paper and they would sit in a circle and pass it around while music played. We had each child have a turn taking off a layer of paper until a random child had won. The all loved it and thank goodness no one was upset over not winning. Next up was the ball toss game which I made from one of those project boards that fold up. The kids loved this game and we played a few times. I think by this time the kids were all tired out and we sat down to open presents before the kiddies went home with their loot bags.


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      thanks!!! I wanted to preserve that cake. But sadly it was all gone.