Heart Shaped Crayons {Pinterest Pin}

Happy Friday! I was on Pinterest (something that has become quite addictive the past couple of days), and found the following crafty pin. I've seen this before on some other websites but not in this way. A lovely idea to make crayon valentines. This would be a great project to do with the kids. Have » read more

Free 2012 Valentine’s Day Printables

A free printable in time for Valentine's Day! I made up a sheet with two envelopes and matching note cards, as well as a sheet of 2" square tags which you can use however you wish for this Valentine's day. I'm actually using them as tags for some goodie bags I'm making for my son's daycare class. » read more

Princess Party Theme

The Princess Party Theme is here! What is it with girls and pink? nothing at all! but I did add some purple to this theme so there! :) Regardless, this party theme package is fit for a princess, castle, tiara, wand and all. This theme is now up for purchase in my etsy shop. This basic package » read more

Sheepingly Cute! {Pinterest Pin}

How cute an idea is this? Just a normal cupcake turned into a sheep by using mini marshmallows. This picture was found on Pinterest, original source is from the Martha Stewart website following a Cutest Cupcakes 2010 Contest. This cupcake made the top 20. The Pin | Originally From: » read more

Lightening McQueen Party Theme

I loved my son's Lightening McQueen birthday decorations that I had to make a theme available for others. I'm trying my best not to use the actual character images due to copyrights by Disney. Because of this I've added the characters of Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater as BONUS files if you » read more