Almost there… but first a neat free printable!

So this website is up as you can see. Still working on my first few party themes for launch. I also have a Christmas Free Printable in the works so I hope to have this all up by the end of this week :) BUT FIRST, do you remember those paper toys that you would fold up, put numbers on the flaps » read more

A Lightening McQueen party for my little man

My son is 3 years old today and we had his birthday party earlier this month so my parents could make it as they would be out of the country by the time his birthday came around. His first two birthdays weren't so great, and WHO can expect it to GO great when he was so young...  he practically » read more

My Inspiration

Welcome to my first blog post. My name is Leila Pahary and I am a stay at home mom of a beautiful little boy. My pride and joy, he is the inspiration for this space on the web and the idea to provide other mothers with DIY Printables and party themes for your little one’s special day. Although » read more