A Party for a Princess

I had the pleasure of being able to make the out-of-town trip to attend my niece's 5th birthday party. She is a total princess and what would be more fitting than to have a princess themed party. Here are some pics using the items from the Princess Theme available in the » read more

Monkey Boy Party Theme

This theme is just a boy version of the Monkey Girl theme. A cute monkey with a stylish hat, some cars and a banana. I think he's a happy camper :) Choose this theme for your little guys next birthday party. It's screams fun! This theme is now up for sale at my Etsy shop. To view all matching » read more

Monkey Girl Party Theme

Who doesn't like monkeys? This adorable theme was inspired by a customer who needed some printables for her precious daughter's first birthday. She gave me pictures of her dress and hair clip which were both monkey themed. The dress and hair clip had bright bold colours and monkeys all over them » read more

Free Hello Spring! 8×10 Poster Printables

If you are like me, then you can't wait for some warmer weather. I've had enough snow and cold weather. The first day of Spring is marked for March 20th, and since we are now in March I made a little freebie to help with the anticipation of Spring. Two different 8x10" posters that you can print » read more

An Afro Circus Party

My son turned 4 last November and at the time he was really into Transformers and the Madagascar 3 movie and while I was so going to make it a transformers theme he really wanted it to be Madagascar 3 or rather an Afro Circus theme. So I dug deep into the creative vault for this one and came up with » read more