Can I print these on my printer?

Yes! that is the aim of my business, to do-it-yourself which includes printing it yourself. All my designs fit on 8″x11″ (letter sized) paper or card stock.

What envelopes can I use for the invitations?

All my 5×7″ invitations are designed to fit A7 Envelopes (5 1/4″ x 7 1/4″). Office supply shops should carry them, or you can find an online store that sells lovely coloured envelopes to match your theme.

I don’t have a printer but want to use your Printables, Help?

Don’t panic! These days your local or online printer will print for you pretty cheap, you can even choose what type of paper and thickness you would like to print it on. Make sure you choose a bright white card stock for optimal results. For designs that will need to be wrapped around items like cupcake wrappers or bottle labels, I would just use bright white paper.

Why is the colour different on paper from what I see on screen?

This is the age old problem of RGB (your monitor color) versus CMYK (printing colour process) and what type of printer your are using. As a graphic designer I try to get the colour as close as possible to what you will see on print. But of course the quality of the printer and the type of paper you are using will also affect colour. When I print on my colour laser printer I will use a bright white card stock, and I will usually get a nice bright image. I noticed that if you use and inkjet printer, your colours may look washed out. You may want to have your files printed at a local or online printer.

What are the specifications of your Party Theme items?

Each item will be a digital PDF file that you print on your own which will allow you to print as many as you need. All files are designed to print on 8.5″ x 11″ (letter sized) paper/ card stock. Use bright white paper/cardstock for best colour results.

5 x 7″ – will fit in an A7 Envelope (5 1/4″ x 7 1/4″) – default size for all my designs
4 x 6″ – will fit in an A6 Envelope (4 3/4″ x 6 1/2″)
4.25 x 5.5″ – will fit in an A2 Envelope (5 1/4″ x 7 1/4″) – save paper this way by printing on a border-less printer.

2″ Party Circles
-There are 12 to a page, 4 designs of 3 each.
-You will need a 2″ circle punch to cut out the circles, you can even use a 2″ scalloped punch.

Pennant Banner
-There are 2 pennants to a page.
-letter pennants will read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAME” + a graphic pennant

Cupcake Wrapper
– There are 2 wrappers to a page.

Large Thank You Tag
-There are 8 thank you tags to a page making each 4.25” x 2.75” – save paper this way by printing on a border-less printer.

Mini Flags
-There are 32 mini flags to a page making each 4” x 0.5”

Other matching items upon request:

Water labels, Food Cards, Tent Cards, 2″ Square Tags and anything else you might need.